Tuesday 30 June | 4pm - 6pm (BST) | Via Zoom


The Digital Marketing Mixer is a business networking event for affiliate and digital marketers designed to help you get better connected so you can get new business - DONE. The event provides a short sharp burst of fun, speed networking and the opportunity to pitch, buy and sell services in one event.

Want A STEADY STREAM OF New Business?

Whether you're an Affiliate, Operator Brand, Agency, SaaS provider or a Media network or partner, if you want to get new business, meet new people, learn what's happening in digital marketing, this event is for you! RSVP and join my community, start conversations and keep new business thriving!

New to Digital or Affiliate Marketing?

If you're new to the Digital Marketing set, and looking to make new professional contacts, network with industry experts and meet a few new friends come hang with us. Every month we'll be hosting this professional networking event and absolutely everyone - is INVITED to join in FREE!


This professional networking event is all about making the right connections and getting good business leads to convert to sales for your business. If you're an affiliate program manager or account executive - bring your best promotions, virtual business cards and a smile, we'll take care of the rest!

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A bit about your host...

Hello, I'm Lee-Ann 

I've been in Digital and Affiliate Marketing for almost two decades working across a number of big retail and iGaming brands. I guess you could say I'm a natural virtual "people connector". I think business is done best when you can talk - face to face and learn together. 

That's why I'm hosting this exclusive Digital Marketing Mixer to help everyone in my community get connected and keep their business and network growing during these uncertain times.  

Jo in me and a team of experts from the comfort of your desk, couch, home or office.  It doesn't matter where you are, just that you come along armed with a smile and ready to get new business deals done!

We'll be having a bit of fun too with engaging entertainment and fun trivia party themes and competitive games too. There will be fun prizes to be won! 

Network For New Business

We'll be making sure you get to network with all the right people while you're at the event. Think of it as "speed dating" but for business not love. We'll be expecting you to exchange contacts, start conversations, swap virtual business cards and get new deals secured all before the party ends!

BE Video & AUDIO Ready and Dress up Smart

We'll be expecting you to dress for the occasion and are broadcasting live on video during this event. Your mic needs to be turned on to engage. We'll also have some additional expert hosts on hand to help fast track introductions and start the conversations allowing you to relax and enjoy the event.

Learn Something New

We'll be inviting a number of industry marketing and affiliate experts to join us at the mixer. This is a great opportunity for you to learn, ask questions and take away some top digital tactics which might help your business and career growth too!

Enjoy Ice Breaker Games & Win Prizes

What's a party without a bit of fun thrown in on the side? To help get the conversation flowing, we'll be hosting a number of fun ice breaker games with a host of prizes to be won. So brush up on your general knowledge and get ready to compete to Win!

"The toughest part of the conference experience to replicate online was always going to be those oh-so-important conversations in the bar. I was delighted to find myself in just such conversations at the Digital Marketing Mixer - top marks!"

Sue Dawson -

Event Collaborators

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